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Please arrive 20-25 minutes prior to class time to allow for check-in at the front desk.

  • Free Trial Saturdays will include both Kickboxing and Strength Training
  • Mon/Wed/Fri are Kickboxing Days
  • Tues/Thurs/Sat are Strength Training Days

*If you attend a kickboxing class, we will provide boxing gloves for you to use.  Each guest will be required to have their own set of hand wraps, which we have available for purchase for $5 at the gym.  If you know a Farrell's member, they usually have several sets so you could borrow a set from them.

There are no street, outdoor, or athletic shoes allowed on our mats, so please be prepared to work out in socks or bare feet.  Bring a sweat towel and water bottle.

We hope you enjoy your trial class!  We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Limited class times, space permitting. Please enroll online.  Please arrive 20-25 minutes early to check in.

10-Week Challenge

  • Fitness Kickboxing Classes
  • Group Strength Training Classes
  • Easy-to-Follow Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Evaluations & Photos
  • Individual Coaching & Team Support
  • $1,000 Contest


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Location Info

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Stillwater
5825 Neal Ave N
Oak Park Heights, MN 55082

Franchise Owners: Leslie Egan & Abby O'Reilly
Email: Stillwater@extremebodyshaping.com 
Phone: (651) 342-1063

Storefront of Farrell's Stillwater in Stillwater, MN