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I started Farrell’s in April of 2014. I began instructing for the 10-week challenge that was right after mine and I became an owner when in November of 2016, just before my 22nd birthday. I am a level 2 certified instructor for both kickboxing and strength training, but am working on my level 3 certification.

I have loved hockey for as long as I remember. I began playing in kindergarten and am still involved as a coach for the U15A girls’ hockey team in the same association I grew up playing for. The end of my hockey career after high school brought me to Farrell’s in my search for exciting, evolving, and high tempo physical activity. I was 19 when I started the program. I am now 23 and my enthusiasm for the program continues to grow every day. I could not ask for a better environment to complete my own workouts, but too also help those around me accomplish things they never knew they were capable of before Farrell’s.


Level 2 Kickboxing Instructor
Level 2 Strength Training Instructor

I joined Farrell's Stillwater in May 2014, Stillwater's first 10-week session.  I loved the focus on cardio, strength AND nutrition and I loved the sense of community and immediate bonding of the members.

Over the next year, I became a coach, instructor and location manager of the Stillwater location.  I found that I was really passionate about helping others reach their Level10 in the program, so I took the next step and became a Farrell's owner! 

When an unexpected career change came my way, I was excited to accept the opportunity to join the management team as the Location Manager for Stillwater. It is so rewarding to be able to help members every day.

I live in Stillwater with my husband and kids. When I'm not at the gym, I enjoy spending time with my family, working in the yard and relaxing on the deck!

Toward the end of summer in 2014, I was neither fit/healthy nor feeling good about it. Frustrated with myself for getting out of shape (yet again), I needed to find something to help me get back on track. I found out about Farrell's and was drawn to what the program offered: kickboxing and strength training, expectations of attendance, a nutritional component, and before/after data, including pictures (yikes! but, a reality check). That's what it would take! I committed, and it worked. Healthier! Stronger! Feeling great! Speed up to over 3 years later: Still here! I love working out with our Farrell's family!
I teach kickboxing and strength training, with Level 2 Certification in both. You'll also see me here behind the desk, doing some managing. 
My other family:) includes my husband, Cory, and 2 teenage boys. I love spending time with them and with friends around Stillwater and on the river when the weather is hot!
Member Since: 2011
Instructor Since: 2013

I am a level-2 kickboxing and strength training instructor.

I initially started at Farrell’s because of encouragement from my daughter Anne and a personal desire to never having to say, “no I can’t” to my grandkids. Now, multiple-years later, I have discovered that being an instructor is one of the most personally rewarding things that I’ve ever done – For me, it’s all about making sure that every member I’m in front when on the mic enjoys themselves and is motivated to achieve their fitness goal.

I live in Vadnais Heights with my wife Sue and we are celebrating 38 wonderful years of marriage this year. We have two incredible daughters, both married to wonderful husbands whom together have rewarded us, with four unbelievable grandchildren.

My favorite Kickboxing combo is jab-cross-back-fists and in strength training, it’s curls and donkey-kicks. On cheat day, the first thing I reach for is pizza and on other days I just pretend that my go-to blueberries are pizza.

I used to say that my long-term fitness goal was to be the oldest Farrell’s instructor, and believe I had achieved that until Sonny McKay joined the team and took that honor away from me.:) So today, after having a brain-bleed/stroke, my personal fitness goal is to to again achieve my previous level of form and fitness. 

If you are considering joining Farrell’s Stillwater, I am living proof that this program not only changes lives, it saves lives. Thank you Abby and Leslie for allowing me to be a part of the instructor team.

I started Farrell's when my niece, Cindi opened the Shoreview Farrell's with her business partner, Kerrie. She told me it would only be 10 weeks and really hoped I would give it a try. So, I did and absolutely loved it! I'm a marathon runner and it made such a huge difference that I felt it was now a critical part of my training. From there, they opened next the Stillwater location (now owned by Abby & Leslie) and because I live in Menomonie, WI, it became a closer location for me to travel to. I began instructing strength in Stillwater and have enjoyed every single minute! My involvement with Farrell's has been as an instructor, videographer, and coach with the Run Club I started in Shoreview.

I have loved the many friends I've made over the years! These friends are now family to me!

Sue Gabrielson

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